First, this little number will get you into the holiday spirit for sure. It’s called Definitely Naughty by Jo Leigh. Our lead Cosmo girl, Aubrey Hayes, is a window display designer at Le Muse Lingerie, this chi-chi lingerie store in my good ol’ hometown, NYC. She has to come up with the ultimate sexy window display for the Christmas shopping season and she’s fresh out of ideas. Then, this “Hot Guys Trading Card” literally floats into her hand—think old time baseball cards like your little brother used to collect, but instead of baseball players, the guys pictured on the front are eligible bachelors who’ve been submitted by people they know as bona fide great guys. The card Aubrey happens to pick up is that of NYPD detective Liam Flynn. When she sees his photo, she knows she has discovered her inspiration for her holiday window display and reaches out to him to see if he’ll agree. Aubrey knows he’s hot from a purely aesthetic perspective, but she doesn’t expect to actually be as physically attracted to him as she becomes when they meet. This is the ultimate story of mixing work with play. And as I said, it will give you a delicious little escape from the craziness of this time of year.

Jo will have a new novella out in November.  And more Blazes in 2014!